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Mosquito Island
88A Easement, Australia

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Welcome to Visakha Tourism

Visakha Tourism is South India’s Leading online travel portal. We started our business out of shear joy, were young, dynamic and wanted to create a flexible revenue model.

With great beleive in mind and strong determiniation we drove into business. One thing that kept us going and out of the travel market is the Quality that we provided. We were pretty clear, that one thing that is important is Quality. Kept updating our site all the time with all the latest cutting edge technology. Our booking engine is automated.

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Custom Tours

Tired of Readymade tours. Worry No more as Visakha Tourism is offering free to make your dream custom tourism package. Just fill in the details.

Educational Tours

We take the pride in conducting the most numbers of Hassle free Educational Tour in Andhra Pradesh.Customized itinerary with Industrial Tour, Education about Floura and Fauna, and the lovely Nature.

Corporate Tours

Visakha Tourism has completed the biggest Corporate Tour till date of 220 Guests. Surya Bulbs, Kraft Foods (Cadburys), Centuar Pharma, Wipro, HSBC, Procter and Gamble (Singapore) are few of many clients we have cattered.

Location Manager

Since we are local, our roots are instilled here. And we make sure that once you come here you know as much as we know about the place. Quality Multilingual Tour Managers.

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