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Visakhapatnam , is an astounding city which is located on the face of Bay of Bengal in Andhra Pradesh. In Vizag, you may find amalgamation of three Great Tourist combinations which makes Visakhapatnam Hot Favorite Destination for Tourism and Honeymoon Seekers. Attraction includes compelling clean blue Sea Fronts, colossal mountains, Rich historical and cultural Heritage and Green Valleys (Araku-Valley).

Visakhapatnam is blessed with great and rich cultural heritage. Simhachalam Temple, Mary Matha Konda , Sree Knaka Mahalaxmi Temple (SKML). Huge numbers of Travellers come to Vizag to visit these cultural Heritages. Vizag is bordered by lush Green Huge Mountains adding the beauty of the Tourism Place and attracting tour Makers. It is heaven for nature lovers.

Visakhapatnam’s Port is the only port in India , which is naturally built. Mother nature has built the port in such a way that the flowing stream flows in between mountains. The Natural Port of Vizag is an awesome view to see. Many tourists come to see Vizag’s Natural Port. However to reach on the mountain one has to travel through stiff mountain to see the view.
Many Honeymoon seekers, Foreign Tourists and Holiday makers are choosing Visakhapatnam and Araku Valley as their favored Holiday Destination.

Every year many tourists come around the country and around the world to visit Visakhapatnam. As a matter of fact the big hotel industries have realized this and coming up with Huge projects like Novotel, Four points by Sheraton, The park to name a few.

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Picture of Simhachalam Temple | Visakha Tourism

The location of the temple is out of this world. You reach Simhachalam after taking a ride on stiff ghati road (Hilly Road) in Visakhapatnam (Vizag) . The temple is placed on the hill which is 244 meters above the mean sea level. Simhachalam means the Hill of Lions. It contains a square shrine surmounted by a high tower, a portico in front with a small tower, a square sixteen pillared mandapam facing the entrance and an enclosed verandah, all made of dark granite. All these are richly and delicately carved with conventional and floral ornaments and scenes from the Vaishnavite puranas. One of the pillars locally known as the Kappa stambam is believed to possess great curative powers. There is a stone car with stone wheels and prancing stone horses.

Picture of Simhachalam Stone Inscription Art Temple | Visakha Tourism

On the north side of the temple there is an excellent Natya mandapam where Kalyanotsavam is performed. This mandapam is supported by 96 pillars of black stone, exquisitely carved and arranged in sixteen rows of six each. The exact age of the temple is not known, but it contains an inscription dated as far back as AD 1098-99 of the Chola King Kulottunga-1 who conquerred the Kalinga territories.The temple refers to the 11th Century Lord Lakshmi Narsimha - an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is advisable to visit the temple in the morning.

Picture of Ramakrishna Beach | Visakha Tourism

Ramakrishna Beach is a compelling beach which attracts loads of Tourists and Visitors. The beach is located few kilometers away from Visakhapatnam (Vizag) Railway Station. The aquarium here is an added attraction. The roaring sounds of sea gives enormous pleasure. It is the most visited Sea Beach in Vizag. It is well connected to all the travel options. It is nice location to spend some quality time with your family. It has mind blowing scenic view of Bay Bengal. The beach seems never ending. Some time you may feel the horizon and Sea meeting.

Picture of Kalimata Temple | Visakha Tourism

Kali Temple is just on the face Rama Krishna Beach. Most of the visitors to R.K.Beach usually give a visit to this Temple. The temple is somewhat a replica of Dhakhineshwar Temple in West Bengal.

Picture of Victory At Sea Monument | Visakha Tourism

This is the war memorial built in the memory of War of 1971. It was built by the Eastern Naval Command to Commemorate the Indian Navy Victory. And thus got its name as Victory At Sea.

Picture of Submarine Museum-Vizag | Visakha Tourism

Submarine Museum is Asia’s only and world second Museum built on original submarine. It is set up nearby theVishakapatanam port, is located at the serene beach Rama Krishna Beach. The museum started functioning in 2001 was converted from INS Kusura, a Russian built submarine. Only one of these kinds in India and Asian continent, this Submarine Museum attracts many Tour Makers all around the year.
Closed on Mondays

(Full name: Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation Museum)is a museum located in the port city of Visakhapatnam in AndhraPradesh, India which houses the historical treasures and artifacts of the Kalingandhra region. Collections available for viewing in the museum include ancient armory, crockery, coins, silk costumes, jewelry, stuffed animals, portraits, manuscripts, letters, diaries, scrap books, periodicals, and maps. All of these were used by the early settlers in the region.
Closed on Mondays

Picture of Tennati Park-Vizag | Visakha Tourism

A beautiful cute small park. Tenneti Park is located on the foot of Kailash Giri facing the Bay of Bengal. This park is named after Mr Tenneti Viswanadham who was an Freedon Fighter and the person behind modern shore based Steel Plant in Visakhapatnam. Tennati Park is a location where you can relax your mind body and soul, with breezy winds throughout the year.

Picture of Kailash Giri -Vizag | Visakha Tourism

Huge Siva-Parvathi statue comes to your mind. Kailashgiri in Visakhapatnam is Hill Top park. The beauty of the location is that it is surrounded with Lush green mountains from three sides and the face opening to the sea (Bay of Bengal). One cant resist the panoramic view. The ropeway is an instant hit. Many of the tourists choose to take the ropeway to reach the hilltop. While in the ropeway one can see the entire Vizag and the ever ending Bay of Bengal. The experience is exhilarating. On the entrance one can see a huge carved gate with much appreciated work on it. And Titanic View Point is again a no miss point!!

Picture of Rishikonda Beach -Vizag | Visakha Tourism

It is one of the beautiful beaches that the Vizag takes the credit of. The Beauty of the location attracts many tourists and it is a must see place. You can take boat rides here organised by AP Tourism and private operators. This beach has high currents and swimming ,skiing or water sports is not advisable.

Picture of Ramanaidu Film City -Vizag | Visakha Tourism

Stiff mountain lush green surroundings and face opening to Sea. Well that is what is Rama Naidu Film Studio all about. The location is picture perfect. All through the year visitors come to see the studio. For Photo Lovers the location will be quite fascinating.

Picture of Totlakonda -Vizag | Visakha Tourism

Totlakonda is a Buddhist heritage site located on the Vizag-Bheemli road. During the arial survey by the Indian Navy, the existence of this Bhuddhist heritage has come to light. The archaeological survey discovered some structural components like Maha Stupa Viharas, 16 Votive Stupas, Chaitya Gruhas, stone pillared congregation halls, 11 rock-cut cisterns, well paved stone pathways, a kitchen complex with three halls and a refectory.

Picture of Bheemunipatnam Beach(Bheemli Beach) -Vizag | Visakha Tourism

Bheemli Beach is located around 25 Kms from R.K.Beach Vizag. This beach is commonly known as Bheemli Beach. It is positioned on the mouth of River Gosthani. The drive from Visakhapatnam to Bheemili is invigorating.

Picture ofRoss Hill Church-Vizag | Visakha Tourism

Ross Hill popularly known as the Mary Matha Konda ( Konda in Telugu means Mountain). The Hill is named after Mr. Ross, an Englishman who built his house here in 1864. Later, the house was transformed into a Roman Catholic Chapel. The hill is also famous for three religious shrines on one mountain. That is the Ross Hill Church, Temple of Sri Venkateshwara and Mosque of Muslim Saint Syed Ali Medina to add the beauty of the place , However now the temple has been cut into different mountain. The Natural Port of Visakhapatnam (Vizag) is visible from the Hill. If you are lucky enough you may see huge Naval ships or Cargo ships docking into the Dock.

Picture Visakhapatnam Zoo  | Visakha Tourism

Visakhapatnam Zoo is also known as Indira Gandhi Zoological Park. This is one of the biggest Zoo in Andhra Pradesh. Vizag Zoo has amazing and rich compilation of Wild species. The Zoo Park has different sections for primates, carnivores, lesser carnivores, small mammals, reptiles, ungulates and birds caged in their natural ambiance. The list includes numerous species of Birds around the world. Some impeccable bird collection is going to captivate you for sure. It is spread over 430 Acres of land and over 400 varieties of animals.

Park is closed on Mondays

Picture Dolphin's Nose| Visakha Tourism

Dolphin's Nose, a massive rocky mountain of about 174 meter high, which resembles a Dolphin’s Nose. Is a major attraction of Vizag. The rock juts out into the sea, forming a headland on which is the lighthouse. One can see the lighthouse from kilometers away. subsequent to visiting Dolphin hill, people can also travel towards Yarada beach which is one more famous tourist destination in Vizag which is very nearby.

Yarada Beach | Visakhapatnam| Visakha Tourism

Yarada beach is a clean blue sea is around 25 Kms away from Visakhapatnam City. With its golden sands , mountains and torquise colour beach is must visit in Vizag. The beach is bordered by scenic hills on three sides with Bay of Bengal provides the exotic waves the fourth side.

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